CDN—NDG Athletics Club

CDN—NDG Athletics Club

Let's bring out the champion in you!

The CDN—NDG Athletics Club aims to foster a passion for athletics among the youth of the Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough. We provide our athletes with the opportunity to acquire essential techniques in various disciplines such as sprinting, hurdling, middle-distance running, long jump, high jump, as well as shot put and discus throwing. Beyond technical skills, we encourage the overall development of their physical qualities, including endurance, explosive strength, and coordination.

1. What We Offer:

  1. Development (10–12 years old): Open registrations per session for passionate youth aged 10 to 12.
  2. Competitive (13–17 years old): Annual fees are required for affiliation with the Quebec Athletics Federation.

Get ready for a season full of challenges and accomplishments.

Wednesday (GYM) AND Saturday (Martin Luther-King Park)Athletics (9-12 years old—Development)
19:20—20:15/09:30—11:00Cost: $140
Monday (GYM) AND Saturday (Martin Luther-King Park)Athletics Club (13-17 years old—Competitive*)
19:20—20:20/09:30—11:00Cost: $140

*Here are the addresses of our two training facilities: 1. CSCDN (Côte-des-Neiges Sports Center) 4880 Van Horne Avenue, Montreal | 2. Martin Luther-King Park (formerly Kent Park) 3453 Kent Avenue, Montreal, H3S 2T3. *In addition to the registration fee per session ($140), an annual fee ($45) is required for affiliation with the Quebec Athletics Federation.

2. What you need to know about competitions:

We organize four (4) competitions a year including one (1) thrilling cross-country, two (2) indoor competitions, and one (1) outdoor competition. Competitive athletes also have the opportunity to take part in competitions organized by Athletics Quebec.

  1. Athletes who are members of the club benefit from free participation in the competitions we organize.
  2. For outdoor competitions, please note that registration and accommodation costs are not included.

Join us on this exciting adventure where team spirit, personal growth and the excitement of competition converge. Register your child today and together we’ll nurture the exceptional athletic potential that lies dormant in every talented youngster!

3. Membership clause in national sports organizations for members of the CDN-NDG Athletics Club:

By registering with the CDN—NDG Athletics Club, I acknowledge that I have become a member of Athletics Quebec and Athletics Canada. My club will arrange my membership of these two organizations. I will shortly receive an e-mail invitation to electronically sign the acceptance of conditions, and I undertake to complete this process as soon as possible. I am aware that failure to complete these acceptances may affect my Club’s compliance. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Abderrahim Saoudi (Club Manager) at asaoudi(at)lscdndg(dot)org.

A multitude of benefits

By joining the CDN—NDG Athletics Club, your child will enjoy a multitude of benefits:
1. Developing athletic skills:
Our programs, tailored to each level, offer your child the chance to improve his or her running, jumping and throwing skills, while building coordination and physical strength.
2. Self-confidence:
Taking part in regular training sessions and local or regional competitions will boost your child's confidence, both on the track and in everyday challenges.
3. Team spirit:
We promote the values of team spirit, respect and camaraderie, creating an environment where every athlete feels supported and encouraged within our athletic club.
4. Personal development:
Our club offers unique opportunities for your child to challenge themselves, set goals and cultivate life skills such as discipline, perseverance and time management.
5. Unforgettable experiences:
Every season brings its share of unforgettable experiences, whether through exciting competitions, moments of personal success or inspiring encounters with other athletics enthusiasts.
6. Track safety:
Participation in our programs will not only strengthen your child's athletic skills, but also his or her awareness of safety during training and competition.
7. The joys of practice:
Above all, our club offers an enriching and enjoyable experience, allowing your child to create lasting friendships and share happy moments on the track.
8. Quality coaching:
Our team of coaches and qualified professionals is dedicated to guiding each athlete towards excellence and nurturing their passion for athletics. Let's awaken the champion within you!

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