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Rental request (pool and wading)

Côte-des-Neiges Sports Center | 4880 Van Horne Avenue — (514) 342-9988
1. TYPE OF ACTIVITIES: Please note that sports centers are reserved exclusively for physical and sports activities organized by sports clubs and community organizations.
2. ALTERNATIVE: Rental is not available for certain activities such as birthday parties, conferences, meetings, film screenings, receptions, shows, or weddings. We recommend considering the CRC – 6767 Côte-des-Neiges for such activities.
3. AVAILABILITY: Facility availability is currently very limited.

    Good to know

    For any rental request, you must first complete and submit the form below at least 15 business days before the event.

    All rental requests will be processed according to our current rental policy. You will receive a response to your rental request as follows:

    1. If your rental request is accepted, we will notify you by phone or email to come and sign the rental agreement and settle the necessary fees.

    2. We will ask you to bring: a valid insurance proof of at least 2 million dollars, a copy of your charter, a resolution from the organization authorizing the person in charge of the request AND a description of the activity or event (with a schedule, a setup plan, and a list of personnel).

    3. All fees are payable to LOISIRS SPORTIFS CDN-NDG. A receipt will be provided at the time of payment.

    Rental Request Form (pool and wading) — CSCDN (4880 Van Horne Avenue)
    Organization Questionnaire

    01. What is your organization type?

    02. Is your organization incorporated?

    03. Does your organization represent a cultural group?

    04. What is the age group of your clientele?
    Children 0-5 yearsYouth 6-12 yearsTeens 13-17 yearsAdults 18-54 yearsSeniors 55+

    05. Will participants be supervised by employees or volunteers during the activity?

    06. Do you charge entry or registration fees for your activity?

    07. If yes, how much do you charge per participant?

    Organization Contact Information

    Location Selection

    Wading Pool (CSCDN)25m Pool (CSCDN)

    Activity/Event Details

    Participant/Adult Ratio 16+
    • Participants 6 years and under: 1 adult for 6 participants (% adults in the water/pool: 50/50)

    • Participants 7-8 years: 1 adult for 10 participants (% adults in the water/pool: 50/50)

    • Participants 8-13 years: 1 adult for 15 participants (% adults in the water/pool: 40/60)

    • Participants 14 years and older: 1 adult for 30 participants (% adults in the water/pool: 0/100)

    Please fill in the necessary fields based on the ratios.

    Submitting this form does not guarantee the availability of pools or equipment.


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